17 February 2024

Review: 'Red White & Royal Blue - The Movie


I can't believe I'm sitting here, weeping. I do love a good romance. Me, the cynical pervert. I'm crying over a really good romance!

Just finished watching Red White & Royal Blue after having just finished the book, and I was not disappointed. I usually am when I love a book and watch the movie thereafter. I usually avoid doing that because the movie turns out to be a bad imitation. But I can tell you, this ain't the case.

Casey McQuiston made some amazing characters in a compelling story. I should write half as well as she does. I love that book. I love Alex and Henry--together and apart. They're truly wonderful souls. But together, they're one romantic power couple. Each damaged in their own way, but they complement each other. And compliment each other. My favorite scene was the "Cake-tastrophe" scene (of course) that sets it all up. It was freaking hilarious. But the talks that Alex has with Henry to bolster his confidence and then the "discussion" with the King about Henry's freedom to love whom he chooses were heart felt and glorious as well. 

The movie doesn't disappoint. In fact, it complements and compliments the book. Taylor Zakhar Perez is the perfect Alex. He's got Alex's smart mouth, sarcastic soul, and gorgeous Latino good looks. Nicholas Galitzine is the perfect Henry. He's snooty and confident, then vulnerable and afraid, and the blond handsomeness of a true prince. These two together lit up the screen like a house on fire. Watching their romance was awesome. Uma Thurman was wonderful as Madame President Ellen Claremont and Clifton Collins Jr was equally divine as Oscar Diaz, her husband. 

McQuiston's story retains its flavor of humor and romantic inclinations with all the complications that such a romance can hold. Watching Alex and Henry navigate through the problems and setbacks, then fall into such heights of love and joy, I was so caught up in it that I sat here with a box of Kleenex on my knee while giggling madly at their antics. Yes, a few details were changed, a couple of characters left out, but I didn't miss them, really. The story focused where it needed to be and was just as compelling without them. 

I love the book. I love the movie. And another 5 out of 5 stars. Forget the "I don't read or do same sex romance" and just enjoy the beautiful story for what it is. A romantic fairytale for the ages and certainly for the modern day.

Red White & Royal Blue is streaming online at Amazon Prime. Worth the free week to watch. And maybe stick around for other good stuff on the channel too. 

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