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Ms. Coffey has been writing since she was a child, publishing her works only
within the last ten years. She has served as Staff Writer and Senior Editor for
Writers Post Journal and Venus Evny magazines. She has also served as the
Acquisitions and Copy Editor for several publishers, such as LBF Books Inc, Eternal
Press, and Moongypsy Press. She is a member of ASCAP and the Erotic Authors
Association. She currently writes for the news site as
Literary Examiner, Lexington Writing Examiner, and the National Indie
Romance Novel Examiner. She is the host of a radio show, Edin Road Radio, which
focuses on reading works by new authors.

Ms. Coffey currently has three novels and a collection of short stories (written as J.
W. Coffey) under her belt with a fourth novel coming soon. A Kentucky native and
resident, she currently lives in Lexington.
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