03 July 2024

Review: Novel - 'The Dead Guy Next Door' by Lucy Score


All I can say is, thank the Gods I was wearing my Depends when I read this. Because I don't think I've laughed this hard in a long while. And I'm convinced that I managed to wet my drawers a couple of times doing it, too.

Welcome to the wonderful world -- and mildly demented mind -- of author Lucy Score. And trust me when I tell you that I say that "demented" part with a great deal of admiration and adoration. Because that woman is my new favorite Goddess of Literature. 

Never in my life have I ever read a book of romantic suspense that made me laugh, cry, and be afraid all at the same time. And yet The Dead Guy Next Door did it to me. The first book in Riley Thorn series runs the gamut and does so with a cast of characters that are off the wall unique. Never once is anyone cliched or trope-ish. In fact, a psychic as the main character led me to believe it might get a little too woowoo for my tastes, but I'm happy to confess, it never did.

Plagued by visions and knowledge that she wishes she didn't have, Riley Thorn gets caught up in an investigation by ruggedly handsome PI, Nick Santiago. He of the sexy dimples in his cheeks. All she wants to be is normal, but with Nick, that ain't going to happen. Especially since she just got a vision of her creepy pervy neighbor across the hall getting shot twice and murdered. No way to get out of this, she embraces her new "normal" and prays that she's going to get out of this alive and with some great sex.

This book starts off in the middle of the action and takes off at a heart racing gallop. There is never a moment wasted. The characters develop into living, breathing people with all the ups and downs a persona can have. Memorable, unique, quirky, and just flat out fun. Even their foibles are defining and endearing. And the ending is satisfying and perfect. Leading to the next book in the series. And trust me, I will be reading. I can't wait.

I give The Dead Guy Next Door a five out of five-star rating and Lucy Score is a definite must-read author. This series is so worth it. 

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