06 July 2024

Review: Novel -- "The Corpse in the Closet" by author Lucy Score


I have a new addiction -- author Lucy Score and her books!!

I swear to God, ever since I found this author and the books she's written thus far, I'm so into them that I seriously can't put them down. And finish one, I have to go to the next. I will not stop until I've read every single book she's ever published. 

The latest is the second in her Riley Thorn series, The Corpse in the Closet. A tour de force that has these moments of side-splitting humor mixed in with action and danger that will have you glued to the page one moment and running for the bathroom, trying not to pee in your pants while you hold your belly from laughing so hard. I'm agitated, then dying. 

Corpse picks up with the ending of the previous book, The Dead Guy Next Door: with Riley's domineering also psychic Grandmother, Elanora, arriving to bully her granddaughter in line with her psychic gifts and Detective Weber to exploit them on a case he's just picked up. Hot boyfriend, Nick Santiago--he of the sexy dimples and gorgeous ass--is not happy about this and lets his displeasure be known. Riley was in mortal danger, and he doesn't want her there again. Besides, he's caught his own case and could use her help. Especially if it keeps her out of the line of fire by a possible murderer in the city. 

Once again, Ms. Score has given us a super tight plot with an abundance of action, a ton of humor, and a cast of quirky characters. Riley's "neighbors" live in the other apartments and have this terrible habit of showing up just when she and Nick are about to do the nasty. Talk about your cock-blocking. But these octogenarians are hardly the type to join the rocker brigade. They're in the thick of it all and you can't help but love them for it. Nick gets to introduce Riley to his family and they're every bit as "weird" as her hippie family is. And let's not forget Burt the Farting Dog and Daisy the Spite Cow. All of these off the wall people help make this book a memorable experience. When the story isn't keeping your nose buried to the sinus cavities. 

And the romance between Nick and Riley gets pretty damn steamy. When the old farts aren't interrupting. 

The Corpse in the Closet is another great read and if you're not deep in it, you are truly missing out on a brilliant author with a brilliant series. 

Five out of five stars for Lucy Score. My new literary girlfriend. 

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