Books by Jesse V. Coffey

An Opportunity for Resentment is the first book in The Brothers Cameron series.  Stephan Cameron is impetuous and lusty; William Cameron is measured and romantic. Only one thing can divide the brothers--an attraction to the Lady Jessica Chynoweth, a flirty redhead who seems to have eyes for both of them--and the baron besides. Only one thing can bring them together again--bringing the murderer of their father to justice. 

If it doesn't kill them first, they will!

Salt of the Earth is a novella originally written in serial form for the magazine Writers Post Journal, in 2005.
Nothing like being the "new kid on the slab," as Rip Porter quickly finds out when a robbery goes wrong. Thanks to four shots from a policeman's gun, he wakes up in  the Final Glory Cemetery, home to an assortment of ghosts, ghouls, and poltergeists. No sooner is Rip interred than he finds his final resting place isn't as restful as the brochures would lead him to believe, thanks to his rather different neighbors.

Meet Nattie Birnbaum, Rip's erstwhile Guardian Angel; Gracie, the Welcome Committee of one; Chester, the checkers champ and resident in charge of the comings and goings of the dearly departed. It's a cozy neighborhood and Rip is going to find out how he can fit in. Welcome, Rip Porter, to the first day of the rest of your death.
It's her last time to be with him, her last chance to say goodbye. 
The bard is finally home from the road and maybe to never go back out.
A merchant sailor wanders into a village dance hall and meets the woman of his dreams. Is it enough to make him stay?
The President gets a very Godly phone call. It's a chance to change his ways.

Illusions & Reality is a short story collection that runs the gamut from satire to horror to humor to romance. From modern day to Elizabethan England. Laugh and scream and fall in love. It's all Illusions & Reality.

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