16 February 2024

Review: 'Red, White, and Royal Blue' by Casey McQuiston--The Book

 As books go, this one was a little slow out of the gate--set up and exposition usually is. But, like a few other books I've ready, your patience will be rewarded. Once the two men come together, this takes off at a gallop and it's one hell of a wild ride, for sure.

Alex Claremont-Diaz is the son of the first woman president in the history of the US. His sworn, mortal enemy is Prince Henry of Wales in the UK. These two have had a tempestuous relationship since their first meeting and nothing has changed. Or has it? A fiasco at the wedding of Prince Philip, Henry's brother,--the two having a squabble at the reception ends up with them both in the cake. Literally--turns into an international incident. President's answer--you go there and make nice. OR ELSE!! Alex is determined to make the best of it and decides that the only way they can convince the world that they're besties is to start texting. Seeing each other socially on occasion. But friendship has a way of turning into something deeper. And there are always consequences to becoming lovers in a public forum. 

The two are a study in opposites. Alex is a foul mouthed, rebellious son with charisma and real love for the world of politics. He's an idealist who believes in doing good for the people. He's free, if not closeted and questioning. Henry is a true child of royalty, restricted and confined. He's always known who he is and he's not questioning, but he's closeted in more ways that one. Henry is also charismatic and a major romantic. Together, these two are madly in love and afraid of the world at the same time. Watching this play out between them brought me to giggles at times and tears at times. I got so deeply involved with their story that I pretty much forgot MY life. 

The pacing is delicious. Watching the romance bloom and blossom was perfect. The romance itself flowed along a logical progression of events without losing that sense of the romantic. They learn about each other in intimate terms. Nothing is glossed over, nothing is left out. And when the relationship turns physical, it's tasteful and so damn hot that I busted out a sweat, then had a drink and a cigarette.  

Ms. Mcquiston has turned out a brilliant book, a great read, and a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. This weekend, I plan on watching the movie. I hope it's as faithful to the book as I want it to be. That review will follow. 

In the meantime, five out of five stars. A must read for anyone--even if you're not into LGBTQ lit. If you want a great love story, this is just the thing.

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