20 February 2024

Review: 'Murder Under A Honey Moon' by Abigail Keam

Marriage and Murder and Pirates -- Oh My!!!

New Mona Moon is always a cause for celebration. And a great excuse to tuck up with cookies and hot tea and a great read. Murder under a Honey Moon is yet another exciting book by Abigail Keam. 

Mona and Robert have tied the knot and, after an emergency trip to the Moon copper mine to sort that out, they're finally on the boat for their honeymoon. FINALLY!!! But, after all, the course of true love never ran smooth, as Shakespeare once noted. On the ship, they meet a few unsavory characters, have their cabin ransacked and Mona's jewels stolen, and then come across a very dead body investigating the theft. And what cruise on the high seas is ever complete without the threat of pirates? Poor Mona. Just can't catch a break.

It's been a while since I've been this glued to a novel. I came very close to reading straight through the night. Definitely hard to put down once you've started. Keam's ability to interweave historical figures into her narrative makes it all so real. Mona is a strong female character in a time when women knew their place and men ruled the world. But with her beloved Lord Farley at her side, the two make a dynamic power couple and the rules don't interfere. Once they get started investigating, they are unstoppable until the truth comes out. And believe me, it does. 

This is an excellent read. And as long as Ms. Keam keeps writing them, I'll keep reading them. So worth the time!  

Five out of Five stars for Murder Under A Honey Moon! Now available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and any online bookseller.

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