07 May 2022

Review of Abigail Keam's "Death By Derby" -- And the hits just keep on coming!

 The book I didn't even know I'd been waiting for arrived. And, holy cow, I was hooked deep.

  A bad man gets his just desserts in the air, in a hot air balloon, when it explodes practically overhead of the Kentucky Derby. And this time, the alleged culprit is none other than Josiah Reynold's attorney, Miss Shaneika Mary Todd. So. Josiah calls in the cavalry, in the person of one Asa Reynolds--her daughter, the Black Ops Security expert. Of course, as the truth comes out and as the players assemble, it all goes to hell in a handbasket and Josiah has to figure it out. Step by step, piece of evidence by piece of evidence. And before the dust settles, we'll get to meet the major players and finally find out who we've been dealing with. And oh, honey. Does it get juicy!!

These people are fascinating and the truths that play out show just how fascinating they truly are. Ms. Keam has assembled a very diverse cast of characters that felt so real to me. The story is just as diverse as the cast, just as spell binding, and just as deep. Once I sit down to read, I really can't stop. That was the same here. I stayed hooked until I found I'd finished the story and it was bloody 4 am.

Another five out of five stars for Abigail Keam!!! This whole series is must have.

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