21 April 2022

A Splash of the Paranormal Adds to the Sinister Quality to a Brilliant Mystery

 Damn, woman!! Abigail Keam is the new Goddess of the Cozy Mystery. A bit of well-earned, well-deserved hyperbole. I just finished the 7th Book, Death By Haunting, in the #AJosiahReynoldsMystery series and I swear, I'm still in a state of tense.

Brilliant story line -- Terry Bailey wakes one night to see his deceased mother-in-law standing in the corner of the bedroom he shares with his wife. A short time later, he drops dead of a heart attack. One thing leads to another, things are adding up that don't make sense, and Josiah Reynolds is on the case. Especially when one of those things leads to an international art theft and what did Terry Bailey have to do with it?
I know, I know, I gush about all of these books. If you read them for yourself, you'd not only understand but agree with me. Abigail Keam is a natural at these stories. Every single one of them keeps me hooked from first page to last and I have to know how they end. I love Josiah, she's a feisty lady that just don't take shite from nobody, especially a murderer. Or a thief. Or a cop. Forget the matronly Miss Marple. Here comes hell on two feet Mrs. Reynolds. She's better than the Mounties. Or the Texas Rangers. She gets her culprit with sass and subterfuge, not ashamed to break the rules on occasion. But then, she doesn't have to follow rules.
Can't and won't stop reading 'em. And I can't and won't stop gushing over them. Seriously, you want a great series with lots of plot twists and red herrings, with a strong female lead, and a cast of characters that are pure Kentucky, the A Josiah Reynolds Mystery series is the one you want. And then add her Mona Moon Mysteries on top of that.
Five out of five stars, kids!

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