11 June 2022

REVIEW -- "Death by Design" by Abigail Keam

 I know it seems that I'm only reading this series but that's because I am. And working on my own series on another genre. But for now....


I've only read one other series that was so satisfying, so full of plot and real people. Action. Mystery. And a plucky heroine that even at her worst, you can't help but adore her. Josiah Reynolds is still recovering from her 40 foot fall by the hands of a sick twisted cop. She's in NYC, getting her head together after finding out disturbing news on that score. She also gets accosted by an acquaintance -- help Bunny Witt of the Philadelphia Witts find whoever is stalking her. But Jo gets a very bad feeling about this. Too many lies being told by too many people. And Jo has her own fish to fry. Matt's home with the baby. Lady Elsmere and Liam are on the outs. And a very handsome, urbane British man is bent on seducing our Ms. Reynolds. And then comes the first murder. Of Bunny Witt. Abigail Keam is literally the Queen of the Murder Cozy. This series is engaging and engrossing to the point that I can't put them down. I have to read first page to last in one sitting. I can't read fast enough to find out what's happening next but I can't read slow enough to savor every single word, action, and reaction. I can't stop. And woe to the idiot who tries to interrupt me. Josiah is a soul in transition, recovering phyisically and emotionally. She can be bitter and arrogant in turns, but vulnerable and kind. She's a convoluted woman, which makes her conflicted but fascinating. She makes a great heroine because she's so real. You can't help but liker her, even at her naughtiest. A strong woman. I love her. And because of her, I love these books. Another five out of five stars for author Abigail Keam and Josiah Reynolds. Long may they write!

Click here to find the whole Josiah Reynolds Mystery series. And grab your copies. 

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