10 December 2023

Review: Doctor Who -- The Giggle


That was just too much fun. And Russell T. Davies is back with bells on.

Our Doctor is back, my friends. 

We catch The Doctor and Donna at the end of the last episode, where Earth has gone mad. Everyone everywhere thinks they're right and the rest of humanity is wrong. The Doctor and Donna piece the clues together to realize an old enemy has returned.

The Toymaker (Neil Patrick Harris) has returned to enjoy the fruits of his labor--playing his games--and getting a little revenge in the bargain. 

Fantastic cast, Harris was a brilliant choice for The Toymaker. The chemistry between all the actors was just amazing. The story had lots of action and tense moments. And when the resolution finally came, it was both unexpected and satisfying. A dream come true for our DoctorDonna and a glimpse at the new guy in an unexpected way. Ncuti Gatwa is going to be just fine as the 15th Doctor. He'll take over with the Christmas episode on 12/20/2023.

I am so excited to meet my new Doctor and get involved again in the show. 

5 out of five stars again!!! Bring on Christmas.

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