17 December 2023

Review: "40 Ways to Lose a Guy" by Donna Mcdonald.


There are very few authors that I will move heaven and earth to read. And then spend more money buying every book they write or have written. Diana Gabaldon. Abigail Keam. And Donna McDonald. 

I've been really enjoying her latest series, Tales of a Midlife Witch. Nothing like a feisty woman who just happens to be a Celtic Witch and puts up with no shit from the son of a bitch who put her in prison on a trumped-up charge. Add a demon familiar, a daughter who thinks she's guilty, and a Wu Shaman named Mulan, and life gets interesting, if not downright dangerous. 

But add an even more dangerous wrinkled -- a hot, studly, sexy celestial being known as a Guardian -- and we're talking danger on a whole other level.

Welcome to the second book in the series, 40 Ways to Lose a Guy

McDonald has this amazing talent for taking the fantastical and making it mundane. You mean we don't walk amongst angels and guardians and demons on a daily basis? Sure feels like it. And after reading these books, I'd be hard pressed to say we don't. The plot is tight, lots of action and suspense. Her characters are so real, you almost expect to have them walk out of the pages and into your living room. And each character has a story to tell and a way of making you involved in their doings and comings. 

I can never put these books down once I start reading. It was no different with the first book, too - 40 Ways to Say Goodbye. And I don't think the coming books will be any different. I look forward to them. I plan on carving out a weekend to sit with some Walker shortbread cookies, a steaming cup of Earl Grey, and the next book - 40 Ways to Tell a Lie

5 out of five starts. Another must read from a talented author. 

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Amazon - https://amz.run/7WAa
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