22 December 2022

Review of Abigail Keam's Death By Malice: A Josiah Reynolds Mystery

 I'm telling you, Abigail Keam is the Heir Apparent to Agatha Christie! That's how good these books truly are. 

Sandy Sloan stops at the bank and withdraws every cent from her account. Then shows up on the doorstep of our intrepid beekeeper and sometime amateur sleuth, Josiah Reynolds, and leaves her dog in Jo's custody with a BS reason, then goes home to scatter money and set the place on fire. 

Thus begins Death By Malice, number 10 in the series. As always, the story is engaging and addictive. I have such a hard time putting the book down just to sleep at night. I usually have to read these on the weekends so that I can devote the entire day. The disappearance of Sandy Sloan and her husband, Toby, draws Josiah in to find out what happened to them. Is this a murder? Is this a case of arson? Josiah, for the first time, seems to be stumped and a bit vulnerable. 

Josiah is a complicated woman and cynical, but something about this woman just keeps on going and refuses to completely give up. Her wonderful friends -- Matt, June (Lady Elsemere), and Franklin -- still stand by her side, helping her when the drama gets a little beyond her. And now, a new member of the friends, Hunter Wickliffe, joins the crew. The sparks fly between Hunter and Josiah as a possible new love interest. 

A great story, a satisfying conclusion, and once again, Abigail Keam has written one hell of a story. Five out of five stars. 

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