05 June 2024

Review: Novel -- 'Things We Left Behind' by Lucy Score

 Lucian and Sloane make for a dark and bumpy ride, but so worth it!!

I made it my goal to finish this trilogy that began with Things We Never Got Over and followed up with Things We Hide From the Light. I fell in love with the band of brothers, Knox, Nash, and Lucian. Following their rocky roads to romance was a wild ride. Especially the first two. The third, Things We Left Behind was even rockier. And darker than the previous two. But then, so is Lucian. 

Lucian and Sloane had been close friends once upon a time until something happened to destroy that. They won't talk about it and no one else knows, but as the saying goes, hate is just the flipside of the love coin. Things We Left Behind finally tells us the story of what happened and if these two can finally find a way to the romance they've always dreamed of and the love they've always felt. 

Lucy Score writes a tight story of frenemies who always seem to set each other off, rub each other the wrong way. The action gets really intense as it flows through the narrative -- and I'm not talk sexually. The kind of action that keeps you riveted to the page, making this book completely unputdownable!!

The romance is hot and steamy when it finally happens and you just know these two are a match made in...well, somewhere. 

It's been a joy to read this trilogy, something I found by accident. And I want to read more by this author. She's truly amazing. 

Five out of five stars for Things We Left Behind.

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