08 May 2024

Review: Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score

 I'm here to admit that Lucy Score is my new favorite author.  And this was a book I could not put down. When I begrudge any moment that my nose is not buried in that book, it's a definitely keeper. 

Poor Naomi has to deal with a bad twin sister, a 11 year old niece that's half wild, an ex-fiancé who suddenly decides to get possessive, a small town with an off the beaten path sensibility, and a boss who pushes her away but won't let her go. Recipe for disaster, right? 

Nope. Recipe for a fantastic read with ups and downs and plot twists, romance, great sex, and a spark or two of danger. The characters were amazingly real and fascinating to me. The relationships were deep and complicated. So was the romance. The pacing of this story is right on the mark -- holds your interest, keeps you reading along, never gets slow or boring. Author loses one point for a slightly cliched denouement but, I figure one point out of a hundred still counts as a five star success in my book. 

I love this book. Enough that I'm off to read 2 and 3 because I loved those two characters in this story too. I can't wait. 

Five out of five stars!!! Available through bookstores everyone, even online. 

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