29 December 2015

Put Those Fingers On the Keys and Commence!

I have been threatening to do this for a while. It's about time I got started. I mean, I asked everyone in Jesse's Coffeyhouse (on Facebook) -- if I started up my blog again, what would you like me to write about. I got a list as long as my arm. And I have long arms. So, here's the first of that list.

For the Love of Words

 Actually more for the love of the story. Since I was a child, I was writing something. Mostly stories though. And reading. You didn't see me without a book in my hands. My Mom's side of the family were voracious readers. And they would read to me at night before bed. It was just natural to me that I would become a devout bookworm. And go from reading to writing.

I was reading Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens, and Jane Austen by the time I was ten. Shakespeare when I was eleven. Sidney Sheldon, Erica Jong, and Jacqueline Susan by the time I was 14. I started writing when I was twelve -- because I got a cassette recorder for Christmas and decided to write my own plays. My brothers and I would record them, playing the parts. The first one was some sort of western as I recall. I thought it was hysterically funny at the time. I doubt anyone else did. I wrote my own first story when I was in ninth grade -- for an English Class and we had to write a fairy tale. It was a bit of a contest. I won. But that's neither here nor there. It was the encouragement I needed.

I got the itch to write my first novel in 1997 but I didn't actually start writing it until about 2002 while I was laid off and in between jobs. My dearest friend was the one to talked me into trying the publishing thing with it. I was scared that I didn't have what it took. I was scared that I had only one book in me. How wrong I was on both scores.

A half dozen books later,  I feel like I'm still learning. Still following that dream. What motivates me is the love of the story. The love of words. Learning new words, using them in my stories. Taking the pictures and plots out of my head and putting them on the page to share. If I make money at it, great. If not, I'm good with that too. But I'd surely love to make money at it one day. In the meantime, I can write about it here. Share what I know here.

That's fair, right? I'll share with you, you share with me? After all, it's all about the story, all about the words.

Write on,


Jaime Barfield said...

I am so happy you have started up a blog again. Cant wait to see what else you write.

frankie said...

Hey Jesse, This is an amazing way to help people fall in love with writing posts. I must say that you yourself have an amazing sense of using words and create a masterpiece!

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