02 October 2015

And so it begins... The Second Contest begins...

October is here. A Wager of Blood is up everywhere. $.99 for the month of October. I thought it was a good price. I mean just for the month. See if that gets any movement before I move it permanently to $4.99.

I am giving away free copies of the ebook of A Wager of Blood to celebrate the re-release everywhere. A contest a day, a free book a day. My first contest was a Facebook only. Probably still should have posted but to be honest, it was a busy day yesterday and I forgot to post it here. I'll probably do that particular one again.

So, today's however is a blog only contest. A simple one really. Find me a haunted inn. The story of A Wager of Blood takes place in a haunted New Hampshire inn. Find me one. In your state, town, wherever you find one. Find me a haunted inn and then tell me about the haunting in the comments. Once again, all who enter will get your names tossed in the hat and I'll choose a winner from there. And share this with your friends, everyone you know who loves a good paranormal thriller.

Winner will be posted tonight around 10:00 PM Eastern. Good luck!

1 comment:

Tech IT Solutions said...

I found one haunted inn near my place.Every one who goes there never return back and only his death body finds near the well of the house in backyard.