30 September 2015

October News -- New Blog, New Attitude, New Release, New Giveaways

Hmmm, do I start with the good stuff? Or make you wait and read all the way through. I'm evil that way. I know...Follow the KISS rule -- Keep It Short & Sweet!

I have been passive for far too long when it comes to my writing "career". I've always had this attitude that "I have a day job, the acting and the writing are for my soul." Except, I want to make this a career. Which means, if I want it, I have to be far more active. So...time to be active. Time to pursue it. Time to make it happen. The world isn't beating down my door, wearing a path in the earth to my cottage. Like the man said in the movie, "If you build it, he will come." Well, so will they.

So that's my new attitude. To blog daily, make you all wear down that path to my door. And it starts today.

A Wager of Blood isn't a "new" release so much as it's releasing it in new venues. The story is set in a small New Hampshire town. The inn there has a...well, let's just say it has a past. Frankie and Meg, two good friends, get stuck in the loop of solving that past, along with their husbands Sean and Zach. But Zach seems to be the one with the most to lose in this -- it's his legacy and his blood that's being called into the wager of a life time. Or death time.

One of those spooky stories that fit in well with Halloween month. Which leads me to the last point. A giveaway.

More like 31 days of giveaway. I've decided to give away 31 copies of the ebook version of A Wager of Blood. One a day for the entire month of October. Little contests. Excerpts from the book. Trivia. Fun times. And for the entire month of October, the price of the book will be $.99--in case you just want to buy it. $.99 for my Paranormal Thriller. After that, the cost rises to it's full cost of $4.99. So October is your only time to get your copy at the introductory price.

Shall we play a game? Come back tomorrow and we start.

Write On,

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Jaime Barfield said...

This book is awesome. I remember you sending it to me on xanga. Even though I still had that copy, I bought it for my Kindle yesterday. It's an excellent story.