07 September 2015

I Don't Always Have Something To Say

But when I do...

I come back with a vengeance... It's nice to have my lover back. My stories. My words. All things writing. I lost it for a while. Too much going on and I just couldn't do it. You know how life gets in the way. But the moment I made this my home page/web site, I knew I had to do something. So...time to keep things up again. Time to put me back out there.

If  you're in the tri-state area (KY, IN, OH),
please come join me. I would love to meet
you. Find more information here.
Yes, I am working on a new book. That's for later. My writing, my life, all of that. Begins with one simple announcement...and a bit of promotion. Please read on.

I am going to be at this year's Imaginarium Convention in Louisville, KY. This weekend, September 11 - 13.

I'm quite psyched up for this. I was there last year for the first Inaginarium Convention and had the absolutely best time ever. I was on several panels, got to see several more. Participated all over the place. Before I had even walked out the door to come home, I went to the co-ordinator and said, "Please! I gotta come back next year. I loved this!"

I was invited. I was back. I am back!

Imaginarium is for all of you who want to write, want to learn more about your craft, want to lead those who are just coming into their own talent. All genres, all types -- screenplays, fiction, nonfiction. Romance, Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy. You name it, we'll be talking about it. Workshops too. And a gaming room. This year, we have concerts, film marathons, and there's always the gaming room. Not to mention the vendor room where you can buy the books those authors have written. A lot to do.

And if you're looking for me, I'll be on no fewer than seven panels this year. And I'm actually moderating three of them -- look for the (M) next to the room name:

FRI 6P - Ask an Author: Romance -- Shelby
FRI 9P - A Polished Novel is a Beautiful Thing -- Madison (M)
SAT 2P - LGBT Themes in Popular Fiction -- Shelby
SAT 4P - Mental Health & The Literary World -- Shelby
SAT 5P - The Rise of Gay Romance -- Hancock
SAT 9P - Erotic Romance vs. Erotica -- Hancock(M)
SUN 12P - Romance for Boys? -- Hancock (M)

I'm taking the laptop to keep notes and report from the convention. We'll see if I can actually remember to do it. Last year, I got one picture in and got so busy that I forgot. This year -- more pictures, more sharing of things. I hope.

Please come. I would love to see you there.

Write on!

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