14 April 2013

The Great Experiment -- latest results

Would you believe that I'm just now getting all the numbers together? I watched them periodically but haven't really had a chance until recently to put them all in one place. I've been working on an edit for publish before the end of April, along with a new WIP I'm writing. It really did slip my mind.

So, without further ado, here are the numbers -- so far -- for The Savior.

Total "Free Promotion" downloads: 4590
Total sales following promotion: 7
Total borrows for KDP Lending: 4

Considering that it'll be next year before the second book in the trilogy is up, that ain't bad. And it sparked sales of Salt of the Earth and A Wager of Blood. And the cry of the people went, "Wowza!!"

And so, we move on to the next book coming up -- the romantic thriller Wilde Mountain Time -- which will be published under the name of ... **drumroll please ** ... Siobhan MacKenzie. She'll be the name and face of all of my romance and erotica titles. I'm psyched about that one. And I'm currently writing my very first contemporary romance, Her Scottish Exile. Guess what -- no suspense, no three headed aliens, no fantasy -- urban or other. Just a straight forward romance. I'm psyched about that because I love the genre.

And at the same time, publishing In the Wake of Ashes, the third book in Lorrieann's Fylbrigge Saga (the working title of the series since I don't know what she wants to call it yet) and a YA fantasy by new author Kimberly Ryba, It's exciting around here. I can't wait! :-D

As things go, I'll keep anyone reading up to date. Thanks so much for your support.


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