25 March 2013

Blog Tour and Promotion!

Oh, man. Why is it that I can kick ass in promoting everyone else's books but when it comes to promoting mine, I suck. Ah well, the nature of the beast. But it could also be that most of the blogs I follow are romance oriented and this book is Historical Fantasy. But it's got Romance in it. Does that count?

So, I'm putting together a blog tour. For all of you reading this, I would love to guest post on your blog. And if you're interested in reading a copy of The Savior, I'll hook you up! I've got a form to fill out -- a short one for your info -- and I can get right back to you with the guest post and the review copy and anything else you need. Click on that link and I will try not to sound so whiny any longer. ;-)

And to celebrate the release -- and the Easter holiday -- with a free download of The Savior. Yes, that's right, for this weekend of 3/29 - 4/01, you can go to Amazon.com and download your copy of the ebook for free. Make sure you grab it while you can.


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