30 January 2013

Guest post by Toby Riordan

It's my pleasure to introduce my "friend", Toby Riordan. Toby is the main character of my new release The Savior, available on February 28 2013. He wanted to say a few words and I thought you'd like to hear them.

If I were casting Toby for the movie
Johnny Depp would be the one to
play him!

Um, well, hi. My name is Toby Riordan and I'm from Kentucky, a small town outside of Lexington -- Paris. I lived in Ohio for a while until I got called up to serve in the first Iraq war -- Desert Storm. You know, I knew that war was going to change my life. I just didn't know how much.

I know Jesse will want you to read the book to find out why but I don't think it's any big secret that a lot of guys came back different. I did. But I came back different from even the ones who came home different. See, I got caught in a cave in while my partner Bion and I were checking it out, making sure it wasn't holding a concealed cache of weapons. That's when I found the djinn.

You gotta watch djinns and genies and that sort -- they can be real tricky. But mostly, it's just for their own amusement. Especially with this one. But I walked away with a few gifts -- and yes I asked for them, so don't think I'm blaming anyone for them -- and now I can time travel, I can speak and understand the language of where and when I am, and I won't age or die until I decide it's time to check out.

I won't tell you what I do with the gifts because that's the story. But I can tell you this -- I will tell you and my friend John about the first trip I took. I met Yeshua ben David -- you know him as Jesus Christ -- and we traveled together. I hope you'll read the book to find out about that part too.

Well, thanks for reading along. Please get the book. It's called The Savior by Jesse V Coffey. And it'll be available through Amazon.com for the Kindle.

I hope you'll read it too. More excerpts coming soon. But you can check out these excerpts posted already:

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