24 January 2013

Another Excerpt from 'The Savior' by Jesse V Coffey

Suddenly dawned on me that I've not posted an excerpt in a bit. Well, here's another one. Enjoy.

"Siobhan, this is the one I told you about, the man who saved my life."

She licked her lips and crossed her arms across her bosom again. "So, you said. Is that true, Tobias? Our Gwydion is a fair one with the stories. Tis hard to tell when he's tellin' true or when when he's tellin' another one."

"You've hurt me to the quick, you silly girl," Gwydion answered in mock dismay.

She just laughed and continued to watch Toby with her deep green eyes. Toby longed to get lost in those eyes.

"Well, Tobias? Is it true?"

"Well, miss, for once his stories are true. Aye, my friend and I did hide the poor man from certain death."

"Well, I suppose I should be grateful for bringin' him home. Niamh was fair beside herself."

"Like you never cared," Gwydion teased.

Siobhan turned to Gwydion, her mouth pursed with a stubborn cast. "Were you plannin' on playin' another round with the boys? I would like to dance, I think."

Gwydion bowed deep from the waist, and said, "Then, we can't disappoint the lady." He gave a shout and a whistle, and the musicians were back to their instruments.

They began to play another jig, but Siobhan made no move except closer to Toby. For the first time in his life, Toby was positively tongue-tied. He'd been with other women, plenty of women, but this one was different.

"So, tell me, Tobias, who are you?"

Toby was taken aback, for a moment, at the question. He opened his mouth to close it just as quickly.

"Tell me about yourself," she insisted. "Where are you from?"

"Oh, here and about. Ev'rywhere and nowhere. But, my family hails from them uh, the...north country." It sounded good for the moment, and wasn't too specific. He left the sentence there, and she accepted it.

"Well, did they teach you to dance in the north country?"

"Aye, lady. That, they did."

As the musicians struck up a slow ballad, Toby placed his hand on her slender waist, and traced her hip until his hand rested in the small of her back. One of her arms came around him, stopping on the back of his shoulder, and she stepped closer to take his free hand in hers. He could smell her scent, the soapwort and lavender. Toby took the first slow step and she moved in time with him, their bodies never separating.

They danced, eyes locked to each other and no one else existing to them. Her eyes had small creases in the corners and the smile she wore made them dance. As one ballad flowed into the next, she danced with him. Neither spoke, afraid to break the spell of the night. Only once, did she look away, and only to rest her cheek against his. When she did, he thought he could fly and take her with him into the night sky. She fit against him like a hand in a glove.

The Savior is scheduled for release on 2/28/2013 through Amazon's Kindle Storefront.

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