07 October 2012

TGE - and the final tally

When all is said and done, I had a total of 265 downloads of Salt of the Earth, and it made it up to #11 on the free download list for Horror/Ghost. The overall ranking was #1081 on the free download list. Not quite the Top 100, but it doesn't suck.

The key is, has it translated to sales? I've sold one copy, but that's okay. I need to work on that part of it all. But those who read the book will find the list of all of my books in there. So, hopefully, people will read it and decide to check out my other books. And hopefully, I'll get reviews on the story,

Overall, I'm very pleased. And it's a damn good start. Now, to market the final results and turn this into a really good success story. And get to writing.

It's not free but you can get your copy of Salt of the Earth for $.99 at Amazon's Kindle Book Store. I hope you'll read it. And tell me what you think with a review.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I've got another story on the burner. Must get back to it.

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