31 October 2012

Holy Mama! The TGE goes on.

Time for more transparency on The Great Experiment--which is going surprisingly well, I might add.

Cover of Salt of the Earth,
created by Lorrieann Russell.
I think I told you that I'm in a local writing network, The Kentucky Independent Authors network. A lot of support and learning from other authors who're very successful in the indie/publishing market. Thrills me no end to be associated. But, to the point....

One of the ladies, author J. M. Madden, linked us to a blog with a list of all of the sites that promo free books on Amazon. Whenever a book goes free, it shows up on these sites and on their newsletters. I'll have to link it later from home, but I will add the link, I promise. JM said, put the word out on all of those sites and that will make a big difference. Holy crap it did.

Salt of the Earth went free on 10/30, for two days in celebration of the Halloween/Samhain holiday. I've linked the book to my paranormal thriller A Wager of Blood. I sent emails and hit those forms last week, giving at least 5 - 7 days notice.

I went to my Amazon account this morning to check the results. Over 800 downloads of the ebook. I'm flabbergasted.  I mean, totally in shock. So many! And, hopefully, each and every one of the people who downloaded it will like it enough to go get Wager. I'm crossing my fingers.

No, they probably won't read right away. I don't. I'm on a few of those lists and I get the books on my Kindle/PC/Cloud. I have so many, I don't have time to read them. So, those who download probably won't read right now. And that's okay. At least they got it.

I'm humbled and exhilarated and ready to get started on my NaNoWriMo project, which has been completely outlined now, thanks to a friend. I'm ready to go.

Now, we wait to see what happens.

Thanks for reading along. More when I take the next step.


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