09 September 2012

The Great Experiment is now live

Yup, that's right. Salt of the Earth went live tonight. I wasn't expecting it to go live until tomorrow but it did. I've enrolled it in the KDP Select program, which means I can make it a freebie read for five days every three months. And it'll hit at least three lists that I know of that post about free reads.

So, here's the link for the ebook -- print copy to come soon, I promise -- and I know of two sales already. I'll keep you up to day as things progress.

Did I mention it's only $.99 for the read?



Jeff Faria said...

When do you plan to take it free?

JVRC said...

In about 2 - 3 weeks. I'll make a posting when it's a freebie read. Promise.

Thank you for asking and reading along.