02 September 2012

My Secret Addiction

But of course, after I say it here, it won't be secret any longer. But you know how it goes.

Yes, I've had a secret addiction for a while now. I collect ebooks like most people collect shells or stamps. And not just any ebooks -- but indie ebooks. Okay, maybe the occasional book by a trad publisher because it's the first book in a series. But mostly indies. I subscribed to this mailing list at eReaderIQ.com and the next thing I know, I'm getting a daily email with all of these lovely freebies. And I can't stop. I find these books that are interesting and the synopses sound different and original.

And the next thing I know, I'm loading 'em on the Kindle. Except, I pretty much hit that limit of 1500 books a bit ago, so I'm loading up the Amazon Cloud Drive with books. Or having them sent to my PC. I'm sure I'm going to run out of space on the Cloud Drive eventually. And then, what do I do?

But I've learned something. And I'd like to share that knowledge with you.

I've learned that this new breed of "self-published" is a far cry from the old days of self indulgent, badly produced clap trap. Sure, there's still a book here and there that desperately needed an editor, was badly written, and/or is very amateurish. But they don't define the rest of the offerings any longer. There are so many really good authors that are going through the same steps of writing and rewriting, getting editors and cover artists.

I've found some amazing authors in my addiction -- Patricia Kennealy-Morrison, Donna McDonald, David McAfee, Kallypso Masters, Teresa Reasor, Amanda Hocking. I've found great books like Ungrateful Dead, Dating a Cougar, 33 A. D., Masters at Arms. 

So many great books out there by some talented people and the pricing is fantastic. Even when I can't get 'em for free, they cost me $.99 - 3.99 per copy. Hell, how can you argue that pricing? Where I could only get one hardcover book, I can buy four or five indie ebooks. And be just as entertained.

So, yeah. I'm addicted. Addicted to ebooks. And, I'll pass on any kind of twelve step program or cure. This addiction makes me very happy indeed.

**Support an indie, get a great book!**



Angie Meadows said...

I'm addicted to ebooks as well!! I haven't used that site though. I'm definitely going to check it out!! I and my Nook thank you for the heads up, Love!!

Lorrieann said...

The best part is that I can read a really trashy novel on my Kindle in public and know knows. And indie authors are the best because they don't write 'formula'. No big trad house telling them "Vampires are it, this year, write me a bunch of those. . ." Meaning, they don't write for the 'trend'... and besides, who decides the trend? The trad publishers are always screaming they want something new and fresh -- but it has to fit in the tried and true mold.

Silly trads.

RoseRaven said...

Love Donna and Kallypso. May have to check out the others on your list.

I will have to check out the Indie list you were talking about also.