07 September 2012

And so it begins...

The Grand Experiment begins this weekend.

I couldn't get The Savior ready in time -- release date pushed back to December -- and I needed something to release this year, damn it. I had three releases last year, and none this year. Until this weekend. I decided to release the novella Salt of the Earth on its own and I'll be using that as my Grand Experiment to see what happens.

So, I'll be releasing Salt of the Earth this weekend to KDP Select only. Those of you who have the Kindle variations or the Kindle app will have exclusive viewing and reading pleasure -- for now. I want to see what happens here, in terms of sales for this and my other books. In about six months, Salt will be released to all other formats.

Hence, the Great Experiment. I've heard from other authors how this garnered attention to their entire catalog. Well, I would love for people to read these stories of mine. I didn't get into this to be "rich and famous". Just read. I want to take these visions and plays in my head, and share them with readers who might enjoy them as much as I do. I want them to come to life.

In cold hard parlance -- marketing, baby.

So, we start this weekend. I'll let you know via the blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblrr, etc when it's released. I'll also let you know when it drops to a free read. Here goes nothing.

Wish me luck.


Laurel Cremant said...

Good Luck! I'll keep a look out for the release :)

D. A. Conn said...

Best of luck to you!