04 August 2012

Romantic Inclinations of the Literary Kind

It's been a while. The day job has been hugely busy and the night job has had to work around it. Which leaves little time for blogging. And, when trying to sort out one's identity.... Well, just makes things  bit hard. But I think I'm back. And now that I have things sorted, I think my voice will be a bit more prevalent.

Still working on The Savior, getting it ready for publication. I am most definitely going to publish on KDP Select only -- for about six months, I think. See what that whole "freebie read" thing will do for it. I'd like to see it pick up and go somewhere. As I told someone recently, it's the one that's the most me, that has the most me in it. So, I've decided on a December release date, in time for Christmas, given the theme of the book. We'll see.

In the meantime, you'll never guess what I'm about to do. I am about to write my first straight romance -- no "romantic thriller" or romantic anything. Just romance. And I'm quite excited. My dear friend -- and fellow author -- Donna McDonald offered to mentor me whilst I do it and I almost bent down and kissed her feet. I would have, too, if we hadn't been in a public restaurant. But I behaved and didn't. And so, I'm learning about the subject of writing romances, I've got some great source material and a mentor, and I'm ready to get moving.

First comes setting up the story. I'm going to be watching a movie this weekend to immerse myself in the story. Not that I'm writing a treatment of the movie or an update -- not that I've planned anyway -- but the movie will play a part in the story. So I need to watch the movie.

The story will take place in a "community theater group". The director has written a stage treatment of the movie Spendor in the Grass and wants this group to perform it. We have the casting, the rehearsal, and the performance. And that's the "stage" on which the love story is set. My couple will meet and fall in love and work against the impediments that try to keep them apart.

I think I would like to share bits as I go. After all, the idea is go have readers of the story, right? Then, I need to entice readers to want to pick it up. And so I shall. For anyone that wants to read.

I think it'll take fifty cups of coffee to get this thing done, but it will be done. I have a purpose and it excites me.

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