06 August 2012

I need a hero! Part One....

I need a hero! I do; I really do. The realization came to me that I need a hero.

No, one of those guys that saves the day for the idiot damsel in distress that doesn't know enough to not run down a dark alley way in stiletto heels. Not one of those guys that has to tell the brain dead, big boobed femme not to trust the bad guy or take over her life to keep her out of trouble or save her in spite of herself. Not one of those guys that wants the helpless female who can't think for herself, take care of herself, and still can't pay her damned rent.

I can pay my own rent. I have a fairly high IQ. I never go in dark alleys alone and I most certainly don't wear stiletto heels.

But I need a hero.

I need someone who can talk me in from the ledge when the world has gone to hell around me and my self-esteem is at such a low that I have given up. I need someone who can catch me at my flightiest and figure out what I really want when I can't put the words in the right order and make sense. I need someone who isn't afraid of my most eccentric behavior and has fun with me when I'm at my craziest. I need someone who respects my silences and doesn't keep trying to fill them. When I need my writing time and will let me do it. Who isn't so needy that I can't move five steps without being yanked back with a lasso.

I need someone who likes to get and give flowers. Someone who loves sad movies and romantic books to go along with the rugby and football and tennis games. Someone who isn't afraid to cry and doesn't shrink away when I do.

Someone I can say "I love you" to -- in public -- and he won't get all freaked about ot. Someone who digs the fact that a kilt makes him far more sexy and manly to me than a pair of jeans -- although, I love a good pair of jeans. Someone I can take care of who won't expect it as his manly due. Someone I can talk to that, even if he doesn't understand, I know he'll just listen.

Someone who can accept me for me and who will let me accept him for him. No changes, no bending, no losing one's self.

Someone who cares about his community, his environment, and spends some time each week take that responsibility to heart. Someone who's just as much at home saving a kitten as paying a bill. Someone who cares about animals and children and understands the evils that can be perpetrated on them.

I need a hero. Maybe, I'll find him. It would be nice.


Jack said...

Loved your thoughts and imagination and I will love to know when when you found your hero. Good post, thank you for sharing it with us

JesseHanson said...

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