14 July 2012

Almost there...

Ah the rain, yesterday and today, has been so very welcome. The drought and the beastly hot temperatures have almost wilted this Southern Belle into a puddle of oozy goo. I hate being extremely hot as much as I hate being extremely cold. And the rain has the lovely symbolism of washing things clean.

Which is quite appropriate. I'm finishing up the read through of a friend's latest -- and another bloody brilliant book, I might add -- and once that's done, I'm back on track with The Savior. I get to start working with the cover artist and get the new cover done. Have a copy editor go over the bloody thing one more time for me, make sure there are no booboos. And we should have lift off -- aka publication -- within the month of September or October. If I had half a brain, I'd hold off until Christmas. We shall see, I think. 

But it's time to get the book back out there. In ebook and print format. And the Great Experiment will commence. I am more committed now than ever to putting the ebook out only through Amazon's KDP Select. I really think it has a better chance if I do that. We shall see. 

And then, on to finish the next book in the TBC series. Then the next book in the WMT series. And after that, I think I shall definitely get my gay romantic comedy done. New work. It's about time.

Enjoy your day, my loves. Wish me luck. 


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