12 June 2012

Struggling but getting there

Wow. Well, I'm at a point where I can breathe. I'm working on getting things scheduled so that I can actually get moving forward. The never ending TBR shelf is bowing from the books that are up there to be read and reviewed for the lit column and the romance column. I've read a full manuscript for a friend and gave her a rather daunting list of things that need desperately to be fixed -- I'm hoping she won't get discouraged and will keep going. It really is a damned good story. I've got another manuscript to copy edit this week for my friend and one of my favorite authors and get that to her to look at so that she can move forward on that one.

THEN!! I can finally get back to The Savior. The rewrites I'm doing are nothing more than where I made my share of first time author mistakes and rewording the "show, not tell" problems. Fixing historical errors -- only a couple in there. Get rid of the "dialect" and just write the dialogue in English -- let the readers "hear" the accents. Get that rewrite/update finished and start moving forward on that one to publication before the end of the summer. I'm still set on the path of Kindle's KDP Select. Nothing may come of it, but I'll never know until I try. I'm convinced it's the right way to go, so I'm on the path. If that works, then I'll talk to Lorrieann about putting MBK up there for the same. We may be moving to KDP Select permanently, but we shall see when we get there. I don't want to completely close the door on Smashwords. They've been superb towards Edin Road Press. We shall see.

Once that's done and kicking arse, I am going to stop taking requests, stop spreading myself so thin, and stop procrastinating. I've got three more books in The Brothers Cameron series to get written and ready to publish. I've got at least two more books in the Wilde Mountain Time series to get to for Moongypsy Press -- if they still want the series. I've been mulling The Stonehaven Chronicles in my head, over and over, and it's time to get that organized and get to it. That's a SF/Fantasy series of at least three books -- and they will be rather large. I've got to finish The Morrigan, my erotica thriller. More books than I have time. And market in and around them. I have a very short list of names that I will continue to work with and that's it.

And, by the by, that last paragraph was not written for anyone other than my own benefit. I blame no one by myself for getting in over my head. So, if you're reading this, do not take it to heart. This is me giving myself the old boot up the bum.

Okay. Here's my schedule for the next four weeks:

1. Finish PKM's edit and send back -- that's this week.
2. Finish The Savior rewrites and edits -- that's the rest of June and possibly first two weeks of July
3. Final re-read of TS and start working with the cover artist to get the cover ready. July
4. Choose release date and start with blog tours, soft reviews, etc. -- July
5. Send finished manuscript to layout artist for print layout -- July/Aug
6. Ebook layout -- August

And I'm stopping there. That is so tentative for now, but it's a start. Right? Right! And then, time to write new stuff. And help SN get her book moving to publication.

The life of publishing is NOT for the faint of heart. Nor does it have a lot of down time. Here we go with busy busy busy. Wish me luck.

~Write on, my lovelies. Laters!~

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