23 May 2012

The Noble Experiment for 'The Savior'

So, recent events got me thinking. And I have made a decision about The Savior. I have decided to publish it solely through KDP -- Kindle Digital Platform -- but through the KDP Select instead of where I usually publish.

Why, you ask. As well you should because it took a lot of hard thinking on my part. So, follow along, if you will.

Why should I do this?

Amazon tends to promote them very well -- still a small fish in a big pond but with more help than I get right now. I can earn not only royalties on sales but through the Lending Library, where the book will automatically be posted. I can move my book to free for 5 days in each ninety -- which is a good thing because I know of no less than three email newsletters that will post the listing to their readership, which would be notice. I can deal with that. I would have daily sales and borrow/rental stats, in real time instead of having to wait 24 hours. Plus this would be only for the digital/ebook copy. I can still publish in paperback and put it wherever I want. So, there are some solid win reasons for this.

Why should I not do this?

Exclusivity means I couldn't post on any other book stores, couldn't sell through Smashwords (which is who I normally use). It means just that -- exclusive only to Amazon. But the more I think about that part of it, the more I'm not upset really. It's only been just recently that I sold any copies through anything but Smashwords or Amazon.

So, I've decided to do this: get The Savior ready to publish and put it on KDP Select only! Well, and print copy as well, but the ebook on KDP Select only. And then I will keep track of sales, of rentals, etc. And I'll post my numbers as I get them. Post all information. Make this one completely transparent and see what happens. I believe in that book and I believe in how good it is. I want it out there and I want it to succeed.

And for anyone out there that's an indie author now or wants to be, I'm willing to share what I'm doing right and what I'm doing wrong. The noble experiment begins soon. I'll keep you in the loop.


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