18 April 2012

Time flies when you're having...never mind!

Looks like I disappeared again. And for that -- if anyone's reading along -- I apologize. Life gets in the way, sometimes.

 Anyway, I'm watching Contact on AMC. I love this movie. I think I need to sit down and try to read the book one of these days. I loved Carl Sagan and I miss him. No, I never knew him personally but he was a big part of my youth. Cosmos was an amazing show and made a huge impact on me. I had this dream of taking his astronomy course at Cornell. Never made it.

 So, An Opportunity for Resentment is doing quite well. I wish I could spur more reviews of the book; that would help sales so much. I know it'll come, I just have to be patient.I really need to finish the books. I'm working book two, A Crooked Rainbow Trail. And after that comes A Wild Heart. And then an unnamed fourth book. I have the plot sorta gelling in my head for that one, but my brothers, Stephan and William, will most definitely be back. And so will Cieran. That one makes me smile. Once book three comes out, I think I'll move book one to a freebie and hopefully that'll inspire sales of the others. We'll see. But that's the plan for now.

I have another one that I'm plotting out. No title and a bare sketch of an outline, but it'll be my first foray into romantic comedy. That's what I'm shooting for. And that opening chapter is going to set the tone for everything. Thanks to my BFF for inspiring it. And I'll tell you when I get there. :-) Well, I'm back. I'll work on not disappearing again. But for now...keep reading!


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Lorrieann said...

You've got more pots on the stove than I thought! I'm looking forward to the continue saga of the Brothers Cameron and can't wait to read the one the BFF inspired. (What was it??)