01 November 2011

NaNoWriMo arrives!

Good heavens, there are people with numbers up already!

I wish I were one of them and I gave serious thought to starting last night. But! I have a day job and starting before 11/01 is cheating. Okay, yes I've done it before. But I had to think about where this book is going to start and I used last night to do so. So!

The next book is plotted and waiting to be written. I have a show at 6:30 tonight--Irish author Jason Downes will be reading from his debut novel, if you're interested and want to give a listen--and then, I'm off to Elizabethan England to find angst and woe and love and sex for the lads. My lads, my Cameron boys. Men, really. Handsome and sexy and full of piss and wind, as they say. So, tonight, I shall lose myself in that story. And we'll see what kind of number I can put up.

And then, of course, the weekend. She said with a smile. And many weekends. And much story to tell. Come back tomorrow and there's a very rough excerpt in it for you. ;-)

Write on, my loves.

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