06 October 2011

Two more and the bitch is dead!

Well, that's not exactly true. But there's probably not going to be a whole lot heard from J. W. Coffey again.

And after I typed that, I started thinking, "Now, wait a sec there."

I started this writing game as J. W. Coffey. The name itself was an homage to two people--time to get that out there. My Mom used to paint for a while and used the initials JWC--Janice Coffey was her maiden name, Williams was her married name. It was a wicked cool signature, too. The W provided the frame for the J and C. When I legally changed my name, I took Coffey for my surname for her. The initials of JWC were for her.

The Jesse came from my love of all things John Denver--yes, I'm one of THOSE people. The ones who think the man was wrongly labeled as banal and folksy. But that's a rant for another day. The J. W. also stand for Jesse Windong--my "Craft" name at the time. In homage of a brilliant musician.

And that was me at the time. Legal name change and deciding my genre have pretty much moved me into using my name. The one I've adopted as my core being--Jesse V Coffey. I like it. And I like romantic adventures and thrillers and swashbucklers. Come on, anyone who knows me knows that I've been a freaking romantic all my life. It's the perfect fit.

Which leaves J. W. Coffey in a bit of a literary no fly zone. I have two more books to republish before she sort of fades into the background. I won't say "permanently," but certainly for a while. See, J. W. writes science fiction, fantasy, paranormal thrillers, ghost stories. I have two more books coming out under her name--A Wager of Blood and The Savior. And once those are out, my focus will be Jesse V Coffey and her romantic adventures.

That is, until I start working on The Stonehaven Series. J. W. will return then. We'll see. But for now, romance is my buzzword and those books are where I will focus.

Later, J. W.; catch ya on the flip side.

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Lorrieann said...

Ah,but what is in a name. And why must you identify with any particular genre? You're a writer. A storyteller. Sometimes the story is romantic and farcical, and sometimes it's violent and scary. Sometimes it's a thrill ride, and others a merry-go-round.