15 October 2011

Moongypsy, here I am

It's late--2:30 AM to be specific. Or maybe that's early. I'm never really sure. But I know I should be asleep. I should be lying under the covers, dreaming wonderful dreams. And I can't. I can't sleep yet. So much going on, so much excitement.

The news can be spread throughout the land. My book, Wilde Mountain Time, has been optioned by Moongypsy Press, to be released at a date within the near future. It will be out in ebook and trade paperback format.

I am so excited. I really had every intention to indie pub it. When I finished this book's process a few years ago, I shopped it around to agents and publishers. No one wanted it. I did another rewrite, bringing it down to 120K word count because the advice I was given was that the original word count was too much. So, I took out the subplot, tightened it up a lot. Still no one wanted it.

Then, earlier this year, I made the decision to start re-releasing my books in ebook format only, as Edin Road Press. I wanted no more gatekeepers. But, I gave it a chance with Moongypsy. I pitched it to her this afternoon--well, yesterday afternoon now--and she wanted to see a sample. I told her it was a cross genre of romance and thriller and she loved the idea. I sent her the synopsis and the first fifty pages tonight, via email. Within an hour, she offered me a contract and said Moongypsy wanted Wilde Mountain Time.

Holy mama! It happened so fast. With a great publishing company, too. That's what makes me so excited. Moongypsy is one of the best of the smaller presses and I am so thrilled to have my books there. I will continue to indie pub; I still believe firmly in indie publications and support the idea whole heartedly. But I love Moongypsy and to have a book picked up thrills me no end.

Wow. And I just now picked a genre to focus on. Looks like I picked the right one. My Mom was a pretty smart cookie. Thanks, Mom.

Here we go.

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