19 September 2011

P**s or get off the pot!

Yup, time to get off my lazy arse and get down to the business at hand. Like, finish the edit on A Wager of Blood and get it formatted for ebook, so I can have it ready to upload by the end of the month. Then, get my duckies in a row with The Savior, and those two will be the last I ever write as J. W. Coffey. Unless I go on to the Apocalyptic Fantasy I have in mind to write. Otherwise, I'm about to focus on Jesse V Coffey with a vengeance. Let's see, the list to write by author:

J. W. Coffey

A Wager of Blood -- Paranormal Thriller*
The Savior -- Historical Fantasy*
Stonehaven Trilogy -- Apocalyptic Fantasy

Jesse V Coffey
 Wilde Mountain Time -- Romantic Thriller*
The Brothers Cameron: A Crooked Rainbow Trail -- Historical Romance
The Brothers Cameron: A Wild Heart -- Historical Romance
Wilde Mountain High -- Romantic Thriller
Shipmates and Cheyenne -- Historical Romance/Swashbuckler

Meggie Chase
The Morrigan -- Erotic Thriller
Unnamed Bacchanalia --Erotic Romance

That's all I have in the hopper for now. Holy crap, that's a lot. Only three of those books are actually written, you understand. And The Morrigan is unfinished...for now. Well, this is a good thing, I think.

So, once I get the Wager and Savior edited and formatted, I can deal with the upload to publish. Wager for the Halloween/Samhain season. Savior for the Christmas/Yule season. If I can remember, I need to send WMT to the "novel doctor" to see what it could use to make it better. Or, at the very least, just a frigging copy edit. I'll let you know when that's coming.

Gonna be a busy girl for a while, would you say? ;-)

And you read it here first.

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