30 September 2011

Friday thoughts

So much writing, so little time.

So, tonight and tomorrow, re-read A Wager of Blood and make sure it's ready to publish. At last reading/line edit, the only thing I had still to do was to remove a reference to the infamous "Visine Scene," which got cut. When I changed the premise, I took out the eye drops in the glass and forgot to take out the mention later on. So, that's it. But I want to read it one more time, just to make sure it's completely error free. Then, Sunday publication on Smashwords and it's ready to rock and roll for Halloween.

Then, it's on to The Savior. That one needs the serious edit. It was my first book, people. My very first book. So tightly scripted, every moment was plotted and planned. And it's been nine whole years since I have looked at it. I can't wait to read it. That one will be out in time for Christmas/Yule. Considering the story, it's the timing. But I want to go through and fix my mistakes there. It's time to bring it back out in the world. And the last of the J. W. Coffey books will be republished. On to Jesse V Coffey.

Did a lot of soul searching and thinking recently. I read this blog about branding and had to stop for a moment. Branding is the genre that the author is most associated with. When I say "Stephen King," you automatically think "horror." That's branding. He also writes other things, but he writes them as Richard Bachman. All authors do that.

When I read that, I thought, what's my brand then? I'm so damned eclectic. J. W. Coffey was my catch all as that eclectic author and that's not helping me when it comes to finding readers. I need a niche. And then I took a look at what I'm reading now. What I've started writing. Where I want to be. Who I want to be. And that was the decision.

So, I broke my genres down and picked the one that I feel more in tune with at this point in my career. I like romances and all the genres. I really do. They are so much better than in my youth and I understand the genre now. I enjoy reading them and I love writing the stories. So, that's what I chose as my core genre. And I will use my real name to write them. Hence, Jesse V Coffey will be my main genre and what I'll post from now on.

But I like paranormal and fantasy and science fiction and I have a trilogy in the works that fits that genre. So, sometimes I'll published as J. W. Coffey. I won't lose her entirely. But she won't be as prevalent as she was when I started.

And I love steamy, raw sex. That kind that you lay it on the table and it curls your toes and sets your ass on fire. I want it out in the open, using the dirty words, wonderful details, no holds barred. That's Meggie Chase.

I feel slightly MPD here, you know. But I like the decision and it feels right. So, that's where I am at this point. That's what I choose. And that's my journey. I hope you'll come with me. We'll all learn something.

Peace out, y'all!

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