19 August 2011

Steamy, sexy goodness

I don't know what it is about erotica just fascinates me. No, it's not the same thing as porn, thank you. There's an art to writing it so that it doesn't rapidly become porn.

What's the difference you ask? Plot, baby. There's a story line. Porn is just sex to have sex and oh, maybe the plot comes along later. If ever. But erotica has a plot, a soul, and when the sex is there, it's open and frank and because the moment called for it.

I did an edit job for a publisher once, that the book was just one long sex scene. It was as if the author felt, "oh, I gotta put sex in here...and here....and here," and didn't give a crap if it was right for her story or not. But the publisher said, "we shall call this erotica" and that was that. Not to me, baby. That was porn.

Which has me wondering about The Morrigan, now. I've got a few sex scenes in the beginning and I'm wondering, what that has to do with my plot. And can I fix that? Because the sexuality is important. But have I played that out in the plot? Hmmm....

And then, I found another plot that I'm just gonna have to write. Lots of sex, it'll make sense and play out. And I'm finding the characters and the situations. And it's got all the good stuff with lots of plot. Gotta find a title for it. Hmmm...and no, I can't tell you what it's about yet. I have to start writing first. But...it'll work. And it'll be erotica. You'll see.

What about that subject just fascinates me? Geez, maybe I don't get laid enough. Ya think?

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RoseRaven said...

Interesting post as I don't write it but I've been reading some lately.

So of it is borderline Porn but some of the others are pretty good stories. I agree that it has to have a point within the story for it to be relevant.