08 August 2011

The Brothers are coming! The Brothers are coming!

Three more chapters and my boys are coming back to the world.

An eagle eyed reader corrected my history--and thank you for that--and so the lads are having a name change, from Campbell to Cameron. Seems that where I read the Scots were in Norwich at the end of the 1500's was wrong. So, changed the name to a traditional English one in that time period in that place and ta daaaaaaaa! I'm happy.

I can tell that this was one of the first books I wrote, it's a bit immature, really. So why put it back out there? Well, because I've reworked the plots of the2nd and 3rd books and you have to read that first book to get into the other two. It's a trilogy, you see. And it didn't suck! It really didn't. It doesn't! I've just learned things about plotting and "show vs tell" and I've improved. So, when you read it, you'll know.

So, within the next week or so, The Brothers Cameron: An Opportunity for Resentment will be re-released with the updates and within the next year, A Crooked Rainbow Trail and A Wild Heart will be started and soon to make their way to the bookstore nearest you--or online.

I've missed my lads, terribly. Shall I share a bit from Chapter Nine? Would you like that? Well then, read on:

“. . . mmmf . . . . ”

Will’s eyes fluttered open, and he felt the bite of hemp around his wrists and ankles. He had been trussed up like the Christmas goose and left sitting against a post on a pier. The back of his head was aching; his mind was filled with sawdust. His mouth was full of the taste of the dirty rag that had been tied in his mouth, but he was powerless to spit it out. 

“Well, then, you’re awake.” 

Will had barely enough time to note the Irish lilt before a thud at his feet drew his attention. He watched, in fascination, as the dark man tied another rope, first around a huge rock, then around his ankles. 

“I hope you know this'll not be of a personal nature, what I'm doin’.”

The man tossed a smaller pebble off to Will’s right. Will heard the resulting plop and splash, and immediately understood what was going to happen. He struggled against the bonds that held him fast but the ropes were too tight and unyeilding.

“Now, now, m’ beauty, none o’ tha’.”

The man came to Will’s side, and grasped his arms. “You see, this'll be in Lord Joseph’s best interests that you’re gone to your heavenly reward.” The man chuckled and smiled at Will. “And, you might be sayin’ it'll be in my own best interests.” He patted the side of Will’s face in an affectionate gesture, and said, “Like your father, I need to be takin’ you from this life.” 

Will’s eyes opened wide. It was one thing to know in his mind a deed but it was something else to hear it so blatantly stated.

“Oh, aye, there' won't bit of harm in tellin’ you; I killed your father, boy-o. That was business, as well.”

Will grunted against the bond in his mouth, pushing with his tongue to spit it out if he could. 

“Tell me, boy-o, the young lady you have stayin’ with you? Is she wed t’ either one o’ you? Will I be makin’ her a widow soon?” 

Will glared into the dark countenance. 

“Oh, she's a sweet one, she is. I've taken rather a fancy to that sweet colleen, son. I think I'll be tastin’ the lady’s fruit before I send her to follow you. She's seen m’ face, you see. But, it'll be a damn shame for me not have a bit of her before I do it, hmm?”

The assassin stood, a grin on his face. Will desperately struggled, feeling the rope cutting into his flesh. When he saw the man pick up the large stone, he knew he couldn’t stop it. He took deep breaths, deep into his lungs, holding the last as the stone went over the edge. Will followed with it, plunging into the icy waters of the Wensom River and into the darkness.

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