25 July 2011

Well, then...

Have I finished singing the praises of Dan Wells yet? No, I don't think so. That man gave me a huge gift and he doesn't even know it. Maybe one day, I'll send him an email thanking him. If and when I sell copious amounts of a book based on his story structure lecture. And if you haven't seen the videos, get your ass over there and watch. As a reader or an author, it's eye opening stuff. And helped immensely.

So, Illusions & Reality made its way to the "big screen." Well, not really a movie, more like it's back out in ebook format and will be released soon in trade paperback format. Under the Edin Road Press banner. It's nice to have it there. Nice to have it out anywhere but nice to have it there. Which reminds me, I need to start posting excerpts and promoting my own damn book. I've spent a month promoting Dave's, now it's my turn.

Come back later for an excerpt. ;-)


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