14 June 2011

What's wrong with me?

Damn it, why am I not writing? I should be. Not just reading and worrying about a radio show, although that is important too. But I'm not writing. And I have plenty of time now. Alde took over the website so it's not in my lap any longer.

My problem is I love to game. I really have to stop that. I really do. Games will not get books written--although a bit of Zuma Blitz certainly helps me clear my head. But gaming doesn't get books written. Or outlined. Or written. Or promoted. Or written.

Thus, I resolve to sit down and schedule my evenings out. And my weekends. I will build time for the radio show--scheduling, promoting, invitations to new authors. I will sit down and schedule my time to write! If I can't manage an hour for radio and an hour or two for writing, something is wrong with me. And I can read before bed. I might slow down a little in the devoured books category, but that won't hurt anything.

The point is, I need to be writing. I miss it. My lover, my friend. I miss it just as much as a part of my body--an arm, a leg, an eye. I need to be writing!!

Starting tonight, damn it! I will write! So many stories, so many characters. I write!

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