01 June 2011

Time, time, time...duh, what that be?

I swear, so much to do and so little time to do it in. Do you ever get that way? I  have two books to finish a line edit on and try to get one accepted by a legacy publisher and one to re-release in ebook form. I have one other book to finish the first write, so that I can put it away and let the seeds germinate and get ready for the first rewrite. I have one book to start sending out to reviewers in time for the release on July 1st--for Edin Road Press and my friend, the author. I have to draft a letter to start sending to authors to request their appearance on my radio show, Edin Road Radio. And then start scheduling them. And set them up in my email calendar.

Let's see. Am I forgetting anything else? Oh yeah, I have three columns to write now, so somewhere in there, I need to write columns for the Writing Examiner column, and read books for the Indie Romance Novel Examiner and Lexington Literature Examiner.

Okay, now am I forgetting anything else?

Dear Brighid, I'm worn out just writing all that out.

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