05 May 2011

Problem solved, writer happy

Moderate curiosity--is anyone reading this? One never knows and I'm just curious.

My blog feed is restored on my dashboard, I am most happy! See? Doesn't take a whole lot to tickle my fancy. I'm easy. And fast and cheap. ;-)

In the meantime, the radio show blossoms. I am busier than an one legged wench at a butt kicking contest. And I've started one final, swear to Gods THE final rewrite on Wilde Mountain Time while I work my outline for the first book in the Stonehaven Trilogy. And book more guests for the show. And do the show. And promote the show. And we're gaining more listeners to the podcast. It's wild and it's wicked and the guests have a great time. And I'm having a grand time too.

In the meantime, work is starting to pick up. I'm busy buying books from the marketplaces and I have a trainee on Monday of next week, who'll be coming in to help me do my buying. Rock and roll, baby. Makes me smile, because I know who it is and we get along really great.

Don't forget, show tonight at Edin Road Radio, at 6:30 PM Eastern. :-D

Write on!


LaVerne Clark said...

Yep - I'm reading you Jesse! You're not alone : ) I'm just not so good at letting people know when I've visited their blog.

LOVE your radio show by the way. I've got a groaning TBR pile now though - your fault! : )

JVRC said...

LOL, if it's any consolation--my TBR shelf has turned into THREE. And my Kindle is bulging too.

Together, darlin'.