11 April 2011

Breathe, Jesse, Breathe

Hell of a weekend! I went nonstop in making web pages and updating the Edin Road web site for Edin Road Radio. We now have the next month or so booked with great authors coming to read excerpts and chat for a few minutes about their work. It's wicked cool and I'm excited. But I spent most of my weekend doing that and confirming guests. Wicked cool, but tiring.

I also spent last night getting an edit job done for an ebook we'll be publishing in the next couple of months. Getting it ready and making sure it's rocking and rolling! That's done and it's off to the layout artist. 

And the one thing I forgot to do in all of that was to schedule the shows. Eeek! Well, tonight, for sure. While I'm waiting for my dinner to cook, I'll get that done and we're good to go! Then, start promoting the shows and...and somewhere in there, I get to work on MY books, right? Somewhere? In there? Right?

We'll see. 

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