01 March 2011

The radio show, a revelation and a WIP

So, as anyone reading along knows, I do an internet radio show called Edin Road Radio on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:30 PM Eastern.

I've been reading one of my books, a WIP that I thought was ready to rock and roll, entitled Wilde Mountain Time. It's a romantic thriller about a fading pop star that's very much in the John Denver category who finds that he's got a bullseye painted on his chest and no idea who's after him or why. All he wants to do is play some golf, do some hiking, and hit one of the most difficult trails in the area--a personal challenge called Wilde Mountain. The good thing is, he gets to do some hiking on Wilde after all; the bad thing is, he's trying to get away from kidnappers at the time.

I've discovered something--if you ever want to know your book/story's strengths and weaknesses, read it out loud. You'll find out PDQ, trust me.

I really thought the book was ready to go until I started reading it out loud on the radio. Dialogue is pedestrian in some places--not as many as it had before, so this is good. I've missed the boat in setting the scene and establishing character in places--too many to count.

This bad boy is about to go through yet one more fecking rewrite. But that's okay. I'm committed to getting this book in the best possible shape because I truly believe in the story. But at some point, it's gotta be ready to go out the door. Right? Or am I being overly critical and it's not as bad as I think it is?

We'll see as we go, right? Oh, and come listen to the show tonight. It's Tuesday. ;-)

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