26 February 2011

Pearls before swine, Part Une

The part of putting a story together--at least for me--is all of these ideas come bombarding from all sides and at all times. And I write them down on Post-it notes because, quite frankly, I have the attention span of a gnat these days. In other words, they come in, they go out, and I've lost them before I can remember them. So, ye olde Post-its are my best friends.

Trouble is, the damned story refuses to let me put these bits into a coherent timeline--i. e. an outline. I have no idea why...or what happened. Once upon a time, I couldn't work without my outline. Now? Now, I can't work with it. Which makes me nervous as hell and somewhat excited about the prospect of running in where angels fear to tread. But I knowwhere I'm going. And I have to hope that I'll have some clear cut idea on how to get there.

So, here come the pearls of which I spoke in the last blog. I have them all gathered in a notebook, along with my research notes, style sheets, and pictures of the characters. That last part is a me thing--I like to have something to look at for each character. It gives me a glimpse into their souls, these people I have met and/or created as I go. The pictures are of celebrities, musicians, models; whoever catches my eye and seems the physical embodiment of that character becomes that character and I can keep the personality in my head.

And now, I'm off to write a bit and work on the website. Since I lost the computer, I've also lost access to the program I used to create my websites and I've not been able to update either the Edin Road site or my personal site. I have to find the software and see if I can load it onto the new lappy and use it. If so, problem solved and I can retrieve the pages from the FTP site. If not... I'm sorta screwed and I'll have to fake it somehow.

Wish me luck on all accounts.

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