22 February 2011

On work and writing

It would seem that our network is having hiccups due to the weather or some such nonsense--everything is frozen, no data or anything else will come up. It's annoying as hell since I have orders to place, but what can you do. So, I have nothing to do. Which is even more annoying because, having nothing to do, I could be very happy doing it at home. In the word(s) of Winnie-the-Pooh, "Oh, bother."

So I FINALLY got words on the page yesterday. Thank you, Lady Songbird, for giving me the help. She reminded me of a game we used to play; when we'd get stuck for something, we'd toss out a line to each other. Sometimes it would be a line of prose, sometimes dialogue, sometimes a poetic image. Either way, it never failed to inspire and motivate.

So yesterday, when I complained of being stuck, she tossed out a line. It did the trick. I have three pages of good first draft. Would have had more except I realized that I was just rewriting a chapter I've already done. Oops. My bad. But it was easy to fix.

So, tonight I will go home, do the radio show, and finish that chapter. We'll see what happens then. I may have to just suck it up and channel my inner Diana Gabaldon. Which isn't a bad thing, really. But I do tend to work in a linear fashion. It'll be interesting to do it as she does it--write scenes and, like pearls, string them together later. Hey, whatever works.

You'll know when I do.

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