14 October 2010

Will the Penguin love me?

Or will they tell me to sod off?

Penguin.UK that says, "we want agented queries only, thank you so very much, here have a cuppa" put out the notice that they would, for a very short period of time, accept UNagented queries until the end of October.

Yeah, I gave it a great deal of thought. I mean, come on. How often does that happen? I mean, really. A big name house says, "sure, send us all your manuscripts and it doesn't matter for this short period of time, if you have an agent or not. We'll look at it."

I got a wee bit scared though. I mean, what if they don't like it? What if they hate it? What if I suck? What's the worst they can say to me? "Thanks, but no thanks. Pip, pip, cheerio." I can live with that. I'm no worse off than I was before I sent it to them.

So, I sent my submission by email to submissions@uk.penguingroup.com, with my query letter and sample chapters within the body of the email...as requested.

Now comes the hard part. Waiting for  the answer. Perhaps "no thanks." Perhaps "send more." It would surely be nice to get picked up by Penguin in the UK. I can hope, right?


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